Magnus and Yvonne Liljeroos bought the farm in the beginning of mars 2016. They are from Sweden and have a really warm heart beating for Iceland and Skagafjördur in the north. They run a breeding farm for Icelandic horses in Sweden and also have breeding horses in Iceland. The dream for a long time was to find a piece of land or a farm and now they have found their dreamhouse. They intend to renovate and make the house ready to be a Guesthouse. Maybe it will be ready for the season 2017. Until then they look forward to have friends staying with them.

The farm has a long history and it will be a very exciting journey to explore the secrets in the house and it´s surroundings.

This farm has a beautiful farmhouse, originally built in 1909 and were completed to it´s ”today look” in 1960. It is built of concrete and that was not very common in the beginning of 1900. As the story tells, you can find details from a fishing boat inside, as the stairways and some of the original windows.

More history will be told later on!


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