Thanks to all our precious guest for the good rating 2018!


We can highly recommend to book room for the horse ”round up” in late september! Few rooms left.


Look at all the nice testimonials we got in our paper guest book!


The program for 2018 is here! Come and stay with us and enjoy the north of Iceland, Eastern, Midsummer and the horse round up! Send us a mail and I will send you a schedule in english.

Welcome! Yvonne


Again we got 9.0 out of 10 possible in guests rating 2017!







Great weather, long walks, beautiful photos in our land at Helluland. Come and stay, winter is lovely here, maybe you also will se the northern lights!




Now the autumn is coming but also the beautiful Northern lights as well as the horse roundup´s around the country. We are near Laufskálarétt and the ”Round Up” is saturday the 30th of september. It´s a great day and we love to se all horses coming down from the highlands to go home to their owners over the winter.



We have had a wonderful Midsummer at Helluand with dear friends and relatives. Now is the high season start, only few rooms left in juli. Send a message direkt to us if you will come and stay!

Here is a collage of our midsummer!


We are in the middle of winter, but a visit to Helluland is wonderful even this time of the year, skiing and riding for example. We are already receiving a lot of bookings  for the summer period. But why not experience the lovely springtime  in Skagafjordur? When the birds are coming back, the flowers and the leaf on the trees, nice horseback riding in the nature and on the black beach. Very welcome to Helluland!


The horse round up is over and we had time to visit Grettis laug and a also a visit to our horses. The Guesthouse was fully booked with a group from HestaNet.net who was participating in the roundup at Laufskalareitt. A nice dinner at sunday night with our friends and swedish ”neighbours” ! Look forward to next time.


Fishing in the sea with Drangey Tours, a lot of fish we got, about 50 kg in one hour! The group we had at Helluland was 8 board members from a Swedish association. They held their boardmeetings and we held also lectures for them and in-between work we do horseback riding, fishing tour and a lot more! Welcome back!



Now the nights slowly getting darker. Then it´s time to watch the Northern Lights, its amazing! Helluland is the perfect place, according to people in the area! Welcome to a lovely autumn and winter. Autumn colors in the nature, everything is going in a slower mood, love the peaceful atmosphere, perfect time to calm down from hectic city life.








The flag pole is up! and we have been open now for one month. A lot of guests already and the score on booking.com speaks for itself, 9.6!! Thanks to the people who helps us get this going!



Helluland is now approved to be a Guesthouse, we wish you all welcome to our piece of paradise in Iceland. You can book thru mail or telephone or by booking.com


For one week now we have continued with the renovation, two new windows with escape way on the second floor and and all electricity is nearly changed. The new kitchen arrives soon and  the beds has also arrived and a lot more things we need! some nice outdoor was also in our plans such as a visit to Drangey, a must visit 🙂



We have been putting furnitures together from IKEA the whole weekend! Thanks to Amanda and Svante who was helping us! The renovating is proceeding in speed!

  • 2016-04-10

    Visiting the wonderful Iceland? Why not go to the Icelandic horses history in Skagafjordur? Our farm Helluland is located on the west side of Hegranes in the middle of Skagafjörður and it is only about 6 km to Sauðárkróki and […]